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My immediate thoughts upon playing Jason Kostal’s work for the first time were ‘That’s it, I’m home…’. Jason’s guitars are exquisitely built with an attention to detail and dedication to impeccable woodcraft that is unmatched. The depth of sound, power and immediate response of a Kostal instrument are exactly what I had been searching for and have inspired me on stage, in the studio and as a compositional tool.”


I took delivery of my first Kostal guitar in March of 2017.  The instrument immediately opened up new vistas in my playing and inspired me to reimagine both how I perform live and approach the creative process of writing new music. Having worked with many luthiers through the years, I have come to understand that each hand-made instrument reveals the summation of the builder’s journey in understanding and applying material science, human engineering, and sculpting tone woods into living instruments of creative expression.  Jason Kostal’s uncompromising quest for tonal balance, intonation and playability is immediately obvious when you pick up one of his guitars. His guitars are also staggeringly beautiful in fit, finish and detail. As a full-time touring player, I need the guitar to reward the physical effort of playing, inspire me when I am away from it and, in effect, push me to reach higher and expect more from myself.   My Kostal does that for me. After almost three decades on the road, this instrument makes me feel like that excited and obsessed 12-year old kid once again.”

Willy Porter

Matt trying guitar – link to store and quote from Jason about Eddie Guitar

This guitar was originally intended to be a “one off” and was named the “MD-W” for Modified Dreadnought – Watts, but I soon realized that MDW were Michael’s actual initials, and so the hyphen was removed, and Kostal Guitar’s first signature model was created. The MDW has since become my most popular model, and with every new MDW I make, I am reminded of just how extraordinary this instrument is.

Jason Kostal 



Jason Kostal presents a MDW at the exclusive Woodstock international Luthier Show 2017